Need A Second Opinion

  • PoisonTheBody
  • LA
  • 2 years ago

Hello To all BBL sisters .

I have been studying for 1 year how to get "The Barbie Look ".

Since I've had my daughter . I have a little baby fat .. AND I JUST CANT LOSE It. I work out like crazy and nothing is hitting the areas that I would like ..

The work outs that I do to keep my Body in shape now is HIP HOP ABS "Hip Buns &Thigh " I tell you NO LIE is Works . But theirs something missing

My Family&Friends tells me nothing is wrong with me and I'm crazy.. But still and all Im not satisfied.. But I feel like.. To get my model career off the ground I should do it.. SHOULD I ??? Please comment back and tell me your thoughts on My Body

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I understand your position completely! People tell me I don't need it, but I have to do what will make ME feel good. I personally think you have a great butt. I would say if you have stubborn areas maybe choose lipo instead of the bbl, but whatever choice you make - be 100% :)
I believe that you doing plastic surgery has to be a personal one, do I think you could gain from having lipo, in a few areas and having a BBL, but as far as going for the barbie look I have never seen anyone who was beautiful that has been working on the barbie look as their goal. but that is just me. good luck in what you decide

I think you look great! How do you feel? You look proportionate and healthy with a great shape...