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Just found this online--a warning to stop smoking before your TT

  • room2improve
  • 2 years ago

Smoking Mercer says there is a much greater risk of complications in smokers, because nicotine greatly constricts blood vessels. Some surgery involves cutting and tying blood vessels, meaning efficient blood flow is essential. "I've done medical reports on patients who have had a tummy tuck and have said they have stopped smoking, but haven't," said Mercer. "As soon as they've got out of bed after the procedure they've gone outside and smoked cigarettes, and the bottom part of their tummy has gone black and fallen off, which means they've needed skin grafting." Yikes. Just a helpful reminder to set yourself up right for success.

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Good going, Cowgirl!! I'm quite sure 3.5 weeks is a very long time to go w/o smoking if you were used to it. It will definitely pay off for you. My nurse also told me of people who say they quit but have not, and their incisions reopen and won't heal. I'm glad you are doing such a great job and esp. that your husband joined you!!
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yes I have also read similar findings and that is why I started quiting about 3 1/2 weeks ago and am staying on track it is not the easiest challenge but I have gone this long which may not seem long to some but it's been a lifetime for me lol the hubby is even quiting. I am so proud of him for joining me in this challenge.

I know my surgeon told me they wanted me to quit 2-3 weeks before and not to smoke for 2-3 weeks after well I figured it was the time to quit and think it's not been as difficult because it's for what I want. For me. I take the chantix. I can only take the 1 a day rather that 2 it makes me a bit whoozy when I take 2.
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