Oleeva Scar Shapes?

  • Kristen R.
  • 3 years ago

I just returned from my 3 week post-op and my surgeon suggested that I purchase the Oleeva scar shape kit.  I've been massaging with Bio Oil and thought my scars looks good but he felt the side scars were still "too thick" and the silicone gels would help.  Anyone have experience with these kits?  Before I invest the $90 I would love some feedback.  Thanks!

Comments (2)

I have heard women go both ways on these strips.  Some say they work and others say no.  Personally I used the Palmer's oil and Bio oil and they worked great.  I was consistent and persistent using the oils with firm circular massage and my scars are flat and nicely faded.  But you do need to keep up on this for months.  I do not have one single raised or thick area.  


Kimmers, Thanks for the feedback. I ended up ordering the strips and hope they will help speed up the healing process.