any older women with fibrocysitic breasts and silicone implants

  • Mary6151
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 1 year ago

I'm a 60 yr old who has fibrocystic breasts and had my silicone high profile mentor smooth texture 450 cc surgery dual plane, done Feb 12, 2013. I am now having second thoughts and wish I felt better mentally.  They look good but my breast tissue and nipples feel like I have a sunburn.  I just need someone around my age to share their experiences with breast augmentation and feelings. Please advise.  My surgeon who is a greatly respected with a good reputation tells me I will take a bit longer to heal because of my age and that my implants will not drop much due to my tight breast tissue.  I was between an A and B cup before my surgery. 

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There are many women at age 60 getting implants. Here is a link to our RealSelf Doctor Q&A which will show you many women asking if implants at their age is possible, etc.

Breast Augmentation at Age 60

The Breast Implant community may also be able to help you if you write a reiew. Here you will find a varying degree of opinions on how long it takes for the implants to drop, regardless of age.

Be sure to continue to check in with your doctor if you're still feeling discomfort in a few weeks!