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Okay, Ladies I Am in Dire Need of Your Help!!! Please!!!!!

  • SummerGirlNYC
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 2 years ago

I had to reschedule my TT...husband is traveling this month and would have not been able to be here for me and the kids are away at your two week mark..were you able to move around okay? Were you in a lot of pain..My ps is leaving in June and i just found out yesterday that he could give me my TT on May 25th but that is like 2 weeks before my graduation and i am at a lost as what way to go..I really need advice on this.

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Hi, at 2 weeks i was still very hunched over and would not have been able to attend a graduation. I struggled to attend my sons school play in my second week!!! At that point you may also still have drains in. Hope this helps with your decision.
At 2 wks, I was still hunched over alot. Being in public was embarrassing! I felt like everyone was looking at me.
At two weeks I could manage myself at home. I had my hubs here to look after the kids b/c we have small children. But since your kids are out of the house and you can just chill, yes, you can probably manage just fine however some can drive at 2 weeks and some can not, depends on how many meds you still need. I just began to feel human at about 2 weeks. If you have to attend a graduation, it is hard to say. Some ladies are out of the house for small errands at 2 weeks, others are not. So, can you move around the house and take care of yourself at 2 weeks, yes....can you go out and attend something..very hard to say. Best wishes.