OK..After many requests- here is my MUST HAVE list to do/get BEFORE surgery!!

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  • KEEP IN MIND.. I had a full body lift. boob job & the only help i had was my 16 yo daughter who has a job & goes to school.. There are a lot of things that aren’t necessarily covered at your surgeons office. Here’s a list of some things I couldn't live without & I sort of learned by my own experience, in addition to tips I was told along the way. Hopefully although this is very long, you will be able to expect or have on hand to make things easier.   my list i think is good for those who DONT have alot of help.i have pets and kids & my hubby works so alot of alone time or limited helP. I got BA & full tummy tuck w/muscle repair & muffin top removal so my list enclosed tips for all these procedures.
  • Whoever brings you to hospital bring pillow & a throw blanket. it will be more comfy coming home. and no small sports cars- yeah- good luck getting in and out of them.
  • Add extra money to your total costs, it makes it less shocking. I spent about $500 on "things", food, home supplies, extra bras, medications, ice packs, drinks and snacks, button-up pajamas, pillows, shirts,socks, panties etc.
  • Having extra helps keep you relaxed & stress free. also have 50-100 in smaller bills aside in case you need to send someone to get something for you.
  • Body pillow, extra pillows smaller throw blankets you get cold ALOT & its easier to maneuver throw blankets that are smaller then big huge blankets. These are necessary because you can easily “turtle” and get stuck on your back.
  • Sleeping in a recliner is the best way to sleep, most of us slept this way the first week.
  • ALSO a soft pillow to place over your stomach if you have kids or pets, so no one accidentally climbs on you or jumps on you. it will give you peace of mind for better sleep feeling somewhat protected (and makes a great table tray too)
  • Ice packs; youll want something that is not hard and will easily mold. Peas are great but if you fall asleep with them, they can bind together (and stink). I’d recommend therapearl sports packs. you an get them at walmart or therapearl.com. they look like dippin dots they are softer and get cold without freezing hard so you can maneuver them into any position you need & since everything is numb, you cant tell if its too cold against your skin. buy 2-3. I used 1 -2 at a time when needed. no need for spars cause you can only do 20 min @ a time & it will keep you from "over icing" your areas. You need to use ice to help with swelling.
  • Have a box or table you can keep next to your recovery area, put all things you need in it. including remotes for the TV, crackers,bottle water,small snack and anything you can think of that you want nearby. you will not wanna get up for every little thing and you will have a bad case of the drops ( thank god my dog picked everything i dropped up for me)
  • If possible get someone to help you; you want someone for at least 5 days. Have them help with things you normally do, and help you out so you don’t have to get up and down as much (LIKE TAKING THE DOGS OUT TO GO POTTY, GETTING THE MAIL, ANSWERING THE DOOR).
  • Don’t lose control because your house is messy and overdo it and risk hurting yourself. This is a big investment; youve waiting a long time to do it & even though your in a hurry to get better so everyone can see the new you, if you overdo it, youll prolong your recovery & possibly end up back in the hospital & damage all what you wanted.
  • Write a list of questions for your PS/nurse office visits. i can GUARANTEE you when you get there your mind will go blank. even the stupid question or embarrassing question, you will be so happy you did & will ease your mind alot.
  • Get someone to drive you for your first post-op appointment, possibly your second. As easy as you may think it is,, you will be surprised you cant get in/out of your car & it’s very hard and painful to turn the wheel, put on your seatbelt and close your door.  
  • I have 7 scripts plus a vitamin, my BC pills, plus bromeline.. from pain as needed, to antibiotics once a day , plus vitamins twice a day, bromeline 3 X a day.some with food, some on an empty stomach, stool softeners, etc.. WRITE IT ALL DOWN!! So you know when you need to take what so you dont forget to take anything and you know EXACTLY when you took what. no guessing or assuming cause you will forget & if you have others helping you, they all know exactly who gave you what & when. if you can have an alarm of sorts that you can set as a pill reminder. I used my iPod to remind me to take my pills as scheduled.
  • Get BIOFREEZE roll on. it will do WONDERS for your back if you have back pain, be sure to use the roll on cause it will burn if you have it on your hands & touch any other part f your body (eyes,vagina) so you dont have to touch it.
  • Again, if you dont have alot of help, get your dog food, cat food, litter, laundry det. all your normal household needs as well as anything else for you or your animals youll need.  
  • Buy alot of single serving NUTRITIOUS snacks. youll get hungry & be tooo tired to cook. jello/power bars/fruit/nuts and get snack size bags to keep portion control. walmart in the produce they have like snack packs that are apples/cheese/pretzels type stuff or apple peanut butter things. like 1.00 each- youll love them  
  • ALL ITEMS IN THE FRIDGE ON THE TOP SHELF!! ALL ITEMS IN TH FREEZER ON THE BOTTOM SHELF! So you an reach what you need..sounds stupid but trust me helps! 1/2 gallons of milk/ok not gallons. youll fight to lift things.
  • Position anything/everything you can on the counters cups/plates/PB, cereal,etc. also get paper plates & bowls lighter & if you drop it no big deal. so no reaching or bending.   same with pots/pans. leave them out on burners..so much easier!
  • Make sure your car has a full tank if you need to send someone to get something. youll end up asking someone to go get something for you.
  • Zantac i had alot of hertburn from all the stuff i was taking. it helps!  
  • DO NOT & I MEAN DONT skip on your stool softeners!! i started with taking 1 the very moment i sort of woke up & was coherent enough to swallow a pill.. take them religiously until you go & if you can PRIOR to taking your pain meds.. you will thank me! but just in case have dulcolax on hand hopefully you wont need it. Find one that says clearly on the bottle “NON CRAMPING”. milk of magnesia has a great one. Pain medicine can block you up faster than you can imagine and the last thing you want to do is being struggling on the toilet post-op. it took me 6 days & the "poopy bloat" was really uncomfortable!  
  • Clothes you will want in advance for afterwards- YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY NEW! GO TO A GOODWILL OR CONSIGNMENT IF YOU NEED To. ITS ALL STUFF YOULL ONLY NEED FOR 3-6 weeks. or maybe a friend,husband or kids have old crappy ones they dont mind handing over for you to use.   SOCKS WITH NO SLIP BOTTOMS!!   the hospital bras velcro will irritate your skin on your shoulders, so use like cloth surgical cotton wrap to velcro area or cover the velcro or a sock or something.   a great pre op purchase so you have it on hand is Bali has a very comfy bra- the Comfort Revolution Smart Wireless Bra . goes on BAND SIZE so no matter how big your new girls are, this WILL fit & is super soft against your skin and does support them. just about any store carries them, google it to see a photo. the bottom band lays on your ribs so doesnt touch your lower crease. 20-25.00 each. CHECK EBAY TOO! great front zip sports bras Under armour endure & under armour protege.. the champion ones the zippers break too easy. youll appreciate the front zip. sweatpants, yoga pants or sweatpant capris in1 size too big..easier on/off.. I LIVED in yoga pants, cause you can fold up the waist design and its comfy along the compression garment & -0- waist bands..   for the shirts, nothing expensive- the bacitracin will leave grease stains on your shirts. longer somewhat fitted t shirts. youll live in these under your compression garments, so you want comfort against your skin & for it to go BELOW the compression garment to cover your skin.   cheap longer fitted tank tops. again for the above reason.
  • If you shave daily as i do, let it go for a few days & get WAXED a day or 2 prior especially pelvic area. then no hair growth for like 1-2 weeks, no razor stubble itching, no ingrown hairs along your incision! if your embarrassed to go do it, but a wax kit & do it yourself.
  • If you have long hair, low pony tail so its not in your way when you lay your head down & BRAID it! or youll get dread locks!  
  • Case of water or a cup with measurement so you know your drinking enough! KEEP TRACK! water also will help you heal faster.
  • Have your laptop, phone & charger close/within reach and any important numbers PROGRAMMED into your phone.
  • I bought 2 weeks of food, cooked it all and put it in individual servings in the freezer (rubbermaid or ziplock baggies), so when no one is around to help me & im hungry, its food that is nutritional high protein I could pop in the microwave, not something i can eat cause i can reach it. dont go buy like frozen dinners, the sodium will make you swell like hell.. make it yourself. 
  • PEN & PAD next to me! for all those thoughts so i dont forget.  
  • CHAIRS!!! get out your cheap folding card table type chairs. sometimes its more comfy than the couch or bed on your back, and you WILL get tired, so have 1 like in the bathroom for the mirror sink, and if you have no one to help you in the shower, put one in the shower, cover it in garbage bag so you can sit & wash by yourself & reach everything. even your computer chair..being able to sit when you need to helps (ALSO YOU CAN CLIP YOUR DRAINS ON A LANYARD OR ON THE GARBAGE BAG)  
  • Make sure items like toilet paper, tampons ,pads are all within your reach arm level without bending or reaching while your on your toilet. i also kept moist wipes cause couldnt reach well to wipe, a spare pair of panties and a tube of bacitracin. youll be surprised how much you can do while sitting on the toilet cause you can reach everything. same with bathroom counter. you CANT bend over to wash your face in the sink. but a 12 pack of cheap washclothes (2.00 walmart) and leave on bathroom counter. make sure you can reach deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush & a face wash PUMP. life will be so much easier!  
  • CARRYING THE DRAINS SUCKS!! no nicer way to say it. i bought 2 lightweight zip up jackets with pockets in them. walmart 5.00 each. youll love the pockets cause you can put the drains in them,and clip to the jacket. no sitting on them they are never in your way & it does give you some freedom ( and the jacket covers your arms)!   i didnt do granny panties cause it got bulky the waist sat on my belly button and going pee became a project having to like undo everything. get bikini panties a size too big.. it will cover everything & sit below your compression garment so easier just to slip up/down to pee.. (walmart 96 cents per pair get like 3)
  • Scar treatment! Do NOT start ANYTHING without asking the Dr. you can do major damage & you can cause yourself some problems.  
  • Youll be idol for a while. buy a book or 2 or if you dont read like me, i bought a few dvd's used for like 1-5.00 each so when there was nothing on tv i had something to do.. AND... USE YOUR DVR IF YOU HAVE ONE!! youll dose off alot and your fav shows can be watched hen your ready!  
  • Lots of like unscented panty liners long length. great for a little padding under a crease boob, over a sore sport, wherever. they are great & youll eventually use them anyway.
  • Maybe this list will help some people as much as it helped me.  

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thanks for making this list! :)
Great list!! Going out to get my stool softeners. Do you have a lot of cramping from gas afterwards? I remember having a lot of gas pains when I had my appendics out.
no, not gas pains from the TT.. just make sure you get non crampng MOM!
Thank you!!! This is a great list!
It was something that helped me tremendously & I thought it could help others!! thanks!

What an AWESOME list. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!

Thank you! MY PS loved it so much- he is incuding it in the welcome packet to anyone who gets surgery- its all the stupid stuff you dont think about!