October, November, and December 2012 breast lift ladies check in here!

  • 2 years ago

Please check in here and leave a little information about yourself and upcoming surgery so we can all support each other through this journey.

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I had a BA done about 4 weeks ago. They are not even and have not been since day two. PS has stated that they were even when I was in surgery and to give it time. I also noticed in the last couple of days that I have a cool spot on one of the breasts.
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Hi ladies--- had a lollipop lift on oct. 29/12. Just a few questions for anyone around my time or before 1) nipple sensation? Mine certainly are not as before. Normal? Will it get better? 2) nipple seems to be slightly erect ALL the time. Please tell me this will pass! 3) not that happy with bottom shape of breast. Scar area seems to ride up higher giving me a bit of a strange shape with "wrinkling" on either side. Wll this still relax?
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I had my BL and TT on November 29th. I'm 5 weeks post-surgery and am very happy with the results! I just started using silicone strips last week but am switching to the Pro-Sil stick. Anyone else have a difficult time with the strips?
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Ok, I had a lift and lipo in the axilla area yesterday. All I can say is "wow"...I know I'm swollen but would love some reassurance that the girls will be smaller than what I'm seeing....
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And now 11 days post op, I can see just what the final result will be. Awesome! Couldn't be happier!
They will shrink give it time your still swollen.
Sugery December 18th 2012 - breast lift with implants. Not a happy bunny.
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Why not?
Dec 18th! Tomorrow (monday) is all about the final details and then thats it! I'm excited but now the nerves are kicking in!!
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I am having a breast reduction/lift, no implants, with a TT on Dec 19 with a lollipop incision. Super excited!!
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I know the feeling mine is the 19th I'm ready for some perky girls lol the been down south to long now lol!!!
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I have my breast lift on the 19th at 11am- UK time. So close! x
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Mine in on the 20th! Seems time is really flying! Good luck!
I just had my BL/BA on Nov 28. I'm 10 days post op. Feeling & looking better every day. Began the massages to help dropping & softness and it's working well. The first few days are rough. Get through them with lots of rest. Even if you wake up feeling great on day 4- don't overdo it- you pay for it the next day. Take care, ladies & good luck with your surgery & recovery.
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Are you feeling good like you can do normal things now as far a moving your arms!! I'm a hair dresser just curious on how your feeling 10 days later!!!!
Physically, I'm feeling about 85%. No more surgery/medication "fog" head or as tired so in that respect i feel 100%. Chest soreness is less but still no strength to lift myself (like if I wanted to shift myself higher in bed, I have to scoot instead of using arms to push myyself up). I'm a fitness instructor & teach 9 classes/week, went into this in very good shape and using mostly core strength to move around, getting up, etc is key. I still have tightness but they feel more like a part of me. I really have the bug to begin exercising but have read how important it is to follow your ps instructions. I'm only cleared to walk now...but tried a little more yesterday and found even a simple ab crunch was too much pressure lying down & lifting. From reading this site, it seems 4 weeks is the point of beginning exercise. (That leaves me 15 more days:( Like I said I'm going to follow my ps and not mess with the placement or recovery of my girls. Please keep me posted and I'm happy to answer any questions you have along the way. Good luck!!
Thank you nd glad you are doin well I'm also still recovering from a tummy tuck still have to becareul with my tummy muscles !!! I'm sure I will do ok I had my breast do e in jan 2004 and can't remember how I felt at all !! All I know is that I was pregnant a mth later and I wasted all that money lol cuz I never saw any true results othe than my nipples weren't down south!!!! Lol
Hi I hope you are recovered from your op. I just had mine last week and I am not happy, I have a number of questions that you might be able to help with. I am a very young 51 - had a lift with implants, I wanted to be bigger and have my breasts an even size with more fullness on top. The surgeon was against implants due to the extra weight encouraging further sagging but agreed to it. She knew what I wanted but they actually look smaller to me than before and they are still swollen. I have tried my pre op bra on and it fits. I am gutted, they are very perky and full on top but sizewise they are not prominent as I wanted. One of the nipples is flat now, is this likely to revive itself? I also have what looks like a collection of blood or bruising under the aereola, will this go or will it need work? they encouraged me to shower daily with tapes on and disinfect tapes after but I have always had to keep dry until healed in the past. Also my tablets for the swelling have finished but I am still swollen, should I be getting more? Heather
HI, I'm sorry to hear that you are unhappy about your size. I am 9 days post opp (Dec 18th was my surgery) and had bruising on the bottom. It is just about gone however I am still a little tender. My aereola's did look purple but in just the last day or so have returned to natural color. My nipples were flat but also, in the last few days, all is looking normal in that department. Everyone heals at a different pace however I feel confident that your immediate concerns will work themselves out in a short time. Perky and full on top sounds awesome!
I had mine 8 days ago I feel the same way as you I had a lift Ethernet implants wanted more fullness and rounder at top I still feel I look the same it's very disappointing you spen all this money and for me this is my 2nd set lol so I'm in the hole 16000 for boobs lol I see my PS today I'm gonna ask him will they look better if not he will be putting a new implant in!!!
I have mine with augmentation on Dec 18th! Just about 2 weeks away!!!
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Hi Angienyc :) That is so close! Are you ready? Mine is scheduled December 26th...not far behind you. I can't wait. Congrats to you!
HI Finallyhere - I am sooo excited! My surgery was actually supposed to be Nov 7th but had to be re-scheduled for many reasons. It was hard to wait but here I am again and very ready to go! Congrats to you as well! We will both be ringing the new year with a little 'extra something'! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be in touch with you as well!
Mine is on the 20th, getting very nervous! Hope time will pass quickly! Good luck!
It's hard to believe that it's going to happen so soon!! I feel like reality is going to really begin hitting me this last week leading up!