OCTOBER 21 tummy tuck think i could take daughter trick or treating?

  • GlowingAgain
  • tampa , florida
  • 3 years ago

Hey my surgery is oct 21 .. what are your thoughts about taking my daugjter trick or treating if some one drove and parked and let me walm then drive if I get tired?? I dont wamna miss it.. she's only 4 and so excited

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I think that isn't enough time either. Maybe you could go to the neighbors or friends w/ her and then let yr husband finish the night. You could share in her excitement by dressing her in her costume. Just be careful. It's a tough surgery.
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That would be a quick turnaround!   If someone drives you around this may be possible for a short time.  You are going to be wiped out and sore so be prepared.  

Just take it slow but please don't push yourself.  See how you feel and listen to your body.  

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