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October 2013 Tummy Tuckers Check In Here

  • 1 year ago

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Did a 6 month update from Revision everything's going well.
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3 months PO from revision review update.
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This is a question for anyone who had Lipo along with the TT. I am 2.5 months po. Everything is looking great, very happy I did this. I have one area on my right hip that is hard. Doc says to massage it, which I do. It just doesn't appear to be improving. It doesn't really hurt, but I definitely notice it when I lay on that side, etc. I'm seriously considering getting lipo on my thighs, but I don't want hard lumps like this. I've read these are normal and go away eventually, but also read that some docs say they can become permanent. Anybody else dealing with this, if so, what does your doc say about it? Thank you!
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Has anybody's menstrual cycle changed since the surgery? Mine comes more often & is seriously painful for days where before it was just one day of discomfort.
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Mine has changed! It's not painful but I used to start on the same day pretty much every month, now it's late way late.
Im 3 months post op now :) does anyone know anything about tanning? Ive been covering my scar in the tanning bed but now I have a horrible tan line. Will tanning make my scar darker?
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I was told to stay out of the sun and tanning beds for a year. I don't remember why though.
Yes, sun will make your scar darker and more obvious. One of the ways to scar better is to minimize sun exposure and/or use sunscreen.
Thank you :)
Thank you :)
Hey everyone! its been a while since I have updated. I will try to post pics this weekend. all is well! I am10 weeks now but have started running again the begining of dec around 7 weeks. I wear my binder while I run still but the first day back I was able to do 3 miles on my lunch so I was okay with that! Not working on speed but just the routine. going to start stepping it up now after the holidays! and after reading the posts below...Isn't amazing how quick we pick a different problem area to focus on once we have cured this one! lol my new goal is now my butt and thighs! lol but no sg for me I can work most of that off!
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Thanks, everyone, for the replies. Like everyone else, I'm just so ready to be completely healed. I look so much better than before even though I'm swollen, but the swelling is just annoying!
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The swelling is a major pain in the butt. And can cause you to get depressed and just down on it.
I'm seven weeks PO today. I had a full TT with muscle repair. I have been swelling more lately where it's like a flabby roll below my belly button ESP when I bend over.. It's hard to explain, but I'm flat and everything- I'm just sooo swollen!
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I meant to ask: is anyone else in the same situation? I'm wondering if this is normal. I know it's normal to swell, but it just seems worse lately..
YES!!!!! I am and I am so depressed over it. I am not happy at ALL. :(
I feel the same way and it's confusing! I'm wondering what I did to bring on this swelling what seems like so late in the game! I had a full TT with no lipo or MR on 10/7 and things started to feel somewhat normal a few weeks ago, but lately I've been feeling swollen and more numb and hard that before. Do you think this is normal for this many months out?
I have been swollen pretty much since the 2nd week. My upper belly gets so hard sometimes and pulls so much that I have to hunch over....however, I have read a lot of people on there say they started getting a lot of swelling at the 4-5 month mark. Swelling they weren't getting before that time. I "think" it is normal for some people.
I was 7 weeks yesterday, and still having swelling right above the incision. It gets very hard and tight at the end of the day. Dr says perfectly normal and to be expected. He has me doing light upward massage. He also does not want me doing any major ab workouts yet, he says to take that very slow or I'll swell much worse.
Thanks so much for weighing in on the subject - Very helpful and reassuring!
I am 9 weeks out and still have significant swelling, especially afternoon into evenings. So much so that no one has really noticed (since they don't see me naked lol) that I've had some stuff done. My doctor and post sugery massage lady has told me this is totally normal and usually most people start seeing change 4-6 month mark up until a year. I went into this knowing this and still find myself impatient for crazy "you look amazing" results. Though I still love my new look with my flat tummy and would do it again in a heart beat. Like my PS says.....All in good time....our bodies are just healing...we just see the outside not whats going on in the inside. Less swollen days are coming just in time for summer:)
At 7 weeks, I was still considerably swollen...week 10 til now hasn't been too bad except on days when I eat a lot of salt. I'm so used to the swelling, I usually shrug my shoulders to it. At night I rub my belly in circular motions. I also start lymphatic massages at 8 weeks it made a difference to me.
I'm still swollen at 13 weeks post op. It's not as bad as it was at the peak (3 weeks post op), but the improvement seems to have stalled.
My bb is abnormally small. I had an umbilical hernia before so my bb was abnormally large... such a huge change to get used to.
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I'm 9 weeks today. I've been back in full time duties since 6 weeks PO, running, Shaun T videos, & weights plus holding the kids & household workload & feel totally fine. I've been uneven pretty much the whole time my left side has always been bigger so my ps wants to see me tomorrow to check it out. I also have my revision scheduled for Feb 27th. I haven't taken any pics since its not how I want it to look really, but it is an improvement from before.
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