Obsessing about my size and lift

  • wilsongt
  • 2 years ago

Okay, I am only 12 days post op, but I cannot keep from obsessing about my size and lift. I am still not convinced that my PS removed enough. Also, It seems that the perkiness is leaving too quickly. I get the fact that as the swelling goes down, the breasts will drop, but gosh...I don't want to sag. Anybody else obsessing? Any insights from those who are further along? I want to be small and perky.

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Hi wilsongt, do you have any pictures to show, my ps said the uplift/ perkiness should last a few years with proper support. your breasts are probably still changing everyday and will settle out over the next few months. I obsessed everyday about my TT but for the most part I am happy with it. Even at the 6 month mark I still notice changes happening. I took pictures everyday and comparing them helped me to see the small changes taking place. Maybe give that a try. Good luck and keep us updated.
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