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Hello All,   I reallly really am dyingg to get a BA by the end of this year. However, I have a $5,000 limit. (I understand the concept of quality versus quantity) I know the are other alternative out there in  my city like having residents or fellows work on you for cheap but none of the teaching hospitals will give me a quote over the phone.   If any one on here knows of a teaching hospital that does BA for less than $5,000 please let me know! I have an appt with lenox hill but they are way above my price range considering its students doing the surgery....   any recommendation of doctors are welcome too!

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I would really recommend Dr Richard Cummings in Kinston NC, I know it's a drive but that is all he does is breast and lipo. He does the most in the USA!! His saline implants are about 5000 and silicone are about 6000. He does amazing work, my daughter is proof of that. Hope this helps...
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Could you save for another year and then get it done with more money in your bank account to get whichever surgeon you want to do it?

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I am already a full year behind in my plan :-/
try lenox hill hospital they have good prices and i going there next year
Did u call the hospital on 77st or the clinic on 64st?
I have an appointment in a few weeks at the clinic, for TT and was wondering it they does mommy makeover, but not much info over the phone. Ur go to their web site it has the pricing