Numbness and pain after breast augmentation

  • ycarrasco
  • Arizona
  • 4 years ago

I had Breast Augmentation a week ago, and my left breast feels numb, I have back pain in my lower left side and the left side of the back of my head hurts and it also feels a little numb. Should I be worried? My left breast was filled to 450CC and my right 425CC.

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I had a breast lift and augumentation of 220mml de collagen since 7 months already,under the pectoral.The scars are fine around the nipples,but stil i have a big discomfort,unpleasant to touch my breast,sometimes knife pain,sometimes burning sensation deep in the breast.Around the aureols the skin it's a bit darken.The discomfort scares me cause i was expecting in 4-5months to feel normal.I still feel after 7months that i have a foreign body in my breasts.I can not see my dr,i did the surgery in my home country, and i livein another country.thank you in for your reply

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I had a breast augmentation with 325cc HP silicone unders 8 months ago. My breasts are still quite numb, except for my nipples, which feel painful. Can I expect any improvement in the numbness or pain?

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