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Numbness on both breasts?

  • Newlook12345
  • 1 year ago

Hi all, any advice would be great. I had a mommy makeover on March 5th. I think my recovery is as expected. I am feeling better and able to do more. My concern is numbness. I had 325 cc silicone implants placed, and I have numbness on both breasts.  On the right side, the nipple and the outer side extending into my armpit and slightly down my arm is numb. My PS says wait and see, but I'm concerned because it's such a large area. Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone regained nipple sensitivity after having numbness? The other nipple hurts. Is that good or bad?

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I have had my implants for over 10 years now. I was a 36 A now I am a 38 DD I have had numbness in the left and right side outer tissue of my breasts for over 10 years since right after surgery I have always worried about it until now that I hear it is very common. I have got used to it and yes thank god I still have sensation in my nipples. but I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one thank you T
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My surgery was 3/4. (492/457)I also have some numbness in both breasts. Not into my armpits but on the majority of the breast surface. My doc also has told me this is normal so like you, I am waiting to regain normal sensation. Overall, my healing seems to be progressing normal. I hope you have a full recovery and start to see improvement soon.
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Hi Jenjen77, thanks for responding to my questions. It's been a bit over a month since my surgery, I think I am a bit less numb. How about you? How do you feel about your surgery, how you look?
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I was 5 weeks last Monday. I still have some tenderness, skin sensitivity but the numbness seems to be changing to sensitivity. Overall, I like the way the way they look. I had a lift as well and am using biocornium cream to help the scars heal. At my last visit I expressed some concern about still feeling like the implants were sitting high so my Dr gave me a Velcro strap to help. I think I wouldn't feel concern but when I read some of the other posts from women saying they're 4-5 days post op and their boobs look perfect and they have no issues, it makes me wonder?? Ya know? I think all will work itself itself out though. How do you feel you look? Best of luck!
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