NPLB For Loans: Don't Use

  • r1223
  • 1 year ago

This is the worst company to use!

First of all  they do not explain anything to you about the loan until it's time for your surgrey, they add a fee 9.99% on the half you have to come up with, and to top it off they just added another $883 to my loan because the office no longer accepts prime applicant. So they have to raise your loan to cover the difference, but can not explain to you the difference on what?

So all together I have to pay an extra $1,469 to get the loan. I only need to borrow $2457. Wow! They never answer the phone or return your calls! I am so mad!

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OMGSH! r1223. I am so sorry to hear that. I just put all my information through online and I did not hear anything from them yet. I am kinda worried about what is going on for this..... would you please let me know how did you contact them or how to cancel?

Hi there, welcome!

Sorry to hear about your difficulties getting a loan. Did you get the loan in the end or did you go with another company?