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November tummy tuckers - Part II Road to Recovery

  • klewis0906
  • Los Angeles
  • 2 years ago

Hi Ladies - this is the continuation of the November Tummy Tuckers Forum. 

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Hey ladies I finally reached the 5 month mark! I still love my tummy.On the other hand I think he could have sucked out more fat or pulled something tighter. But, its definately better than it was before surgery. I have a dog ear that will need to be revised in a few months. At that time I'm having my entire waistline lipoed and back fat that seems huge since the surgery sucked out too. Swelling only in my upper abs now. Has anyone else experienced this dilemma? Overall life is good and I would do it all over again. I added some new pics to my profile. I hope all is well in your lives!
I had my 4 month apt. Yesterday. I also get very swollen by the end of the day. My sides where the lipo was done, gets a burning feeling if I get out of bed or move to fast. I still don't see alot of results in that area:( my doctor took some after photos at my appointment. I will get my before and after pics today via email. I did not see my before photos. I thought I would never want to see them, so I did not take any before. Now I am kind of anxious to see them. O-yea I also have gained weight all in my but and thighs:( yuck. I hope I can loose some of it soon, but it is depressing.
I cent do sit ups yet either, but my core is not the problem. It's my thighs, feels like that's where my weight is going. Ugh.
Okay, I just hit the four month mark and still getting very swollen at times! :( I hope this clears by 6 months!! I have gained some weight but, my stomach still looks great. I feel like I am gaining everywhere else!! I worked out all last week and really hard on Friday. I tried to do sit up from lying down flat, hand to the side and all the way up! It was extremely challenging!! I was sore and swollen until last night (Monday) :). This put a damper on things. What are all of you doing to strengthen your cores? I was at the gym on a weighted sit-up machine and could not even lift up one millimeter!! I had to get off real quick when no one was looking!! I was embarrassed! Otherwise, I am doing great! I really need to nip this weight gain in the bud. I have gained 5-7 lbs but, I can really notice in the mirror and certain clothing. Any suggestions ladies?
I just got back from my 3 month appointment and my scar on my right hip is flat but wide so my PS said to come back at 6m post op and if its not more narrow and healed (less red) he will do a scar revision, I love my PS.
I have swelling bellow the belly button, if I sit to long. I'm back to excersize; running, zumba, swimming all 5 days a week. Not back to usual gym days... I feel flabby, I'm up 5 lbs. And can't kick the sweets, I'm a stress eater and have really noticed it recently. I feel pretty normal, my hips are still tender. I think my bb looks fine, but I do notice my upper abs, back and arms need definition. Pictures soon to follow.
OK,, November tt ers. I, keep reading these posts about fears of waking up fat again. It's my new reality, after Dec shoulder surgery, no exercise & wanton eating! But, you know what? Breasts are still perky & tummy's still flat! THIGHS? Now that's another story. Fortunately, thigh lift was already in the plan! Let's cheer up, girls!
my belly button is round but totally flat... kinda weird looking... I am up several pounds and totally depressed with the look of my thighs and rear-end... I haven't worked out simply b/c if I do I swell up like a balloon. I know in the end it's going to be worth it but I can't help feeling really down about the whole thing right now. I also have 3 kids and a CRAZY life
How long ago was your surgery 3csthentuck? Im surprised you still have swelling.
November 9th... it's definitely getting better but this week I finally ditched my garment. Still have some discomfort. I keep thinking the swelling is better then it's back. My PS said I had significant diastasis recti plus I had to have a double hernia repair so I know it might take a while. the PS was kind of shocked at the separation I had so I guess it was a more challenging surgery than he anticipated. the good news is I will definitely be able to wear a bikini with my 3 little children at the pool!
Hi! I just had my four month- I am still the same weight-my belly button is a slit also-PS says it will round out but I dont think it will. I have no more pain where lipo was done-still have dark scar from tt and boob lift scars are almost faded. The idea of puting a plug in the button is a good idea I may try- its so numb i cant feel anything there any how. You too?
I'm actually a fan of the "slit" belly button. I guess everyone has their own idea of what's visually pleasing :)
Ya- it actually feels better to have the earplug in there except yesterday I was at work wearing a dress and went to feel my bitty button and noticed the plug was gone so I knew it was on the floor somewhere in the office. I rounded the corner and a coworker had it in his hand showing the secretary bahahahahaha.
bawhahaha! Did you claim it? hahahahaha
Well the secretary is a close friend of mine so she knew so ya they both knew and were laughing when I rounded the corner. He was holding it up for me like are you missing something? I died laughing. Little embarrassed but I played it off pretty good. Ha
ooohhh that's funny! :)
Hey Diane my belly button was a slit too. I felt like it was closing up. I finally put a small marble in Its nice and round now like I want. I didnt do it for long. Maybe a few days.
I forgot to mention put a bandaid or piece of tape over it. I will certainly fall out if you don't.
Im pretty much experiencing the exact same things you are to add to it I find my scars on the middle of my hips to be quite thick, I will ask my doctor at my 3 month post op tomorrow. I haven't done anything to my belly button but it looks like more of a slit then a hole but I can get my finger in, its not if you didn't know what were talking about that last sentence would sound pretty dirty lol I have not been working out as much as i have wanted to and gained 6 lbs, so mad at myself. Im in nursing school and have 3 kids so life is nuts right now, should slow down in April, I must get in better shape.
Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone weighs more now than surgery day like me? I totally gained about 5 pounds and I work out almost every day of the week. I either bike run or walk and I am biking at least 20 miles and walking or running at least 4. I still hurt in many areas and I still feel swollen. Could the lipo be the why I have pain? I don't eat that healthy but never really have so not sure why I would be gaining weight now. My face, arms and thighs are bigger. Crazy part- I also have to put a earplug in my belly button to open it up because its so small but when I take the plug out it goes back down. I had my surgery nov 29th. Would love to hear from y'all!
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I get the same swelling by the end of the day or after a run. I especially swell along the upper middle and the lower ab area by my scar. I have been lazy and making bad food choices. I think I put on some weight in my thighs and arms!! I am going to get back on the workout program. I have just been making it 1-3 times a week! :( I am still wearing the Flexees on most days. I am starting to think the numbness contributes to my tightness or swelling feeling. Once I look in the mirror my abs are looking just fine!!!
My Doctor told me no ab work for 6 months... so I haven't done anything yet. Did you have a full tuck?
Yes I had a breast lift with implants full tt and lipo. . But I was told I could exercise at 8 weeks.
I have a very flat bottom tummy but above the belly button i too seem extended-tho i dont think it is swelling anymore at this point. I am 3 months PO as well. I start off flat in the morning but as day goes on my upper abs stick out. I have been doing crunches and weights and it seems to help. I think my upper abs are not as strong as lower and thats the problem.