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How noticeable after two weeks?

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  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone! 1- For those of you who had rhinoplasty, was it obvious to people 2-3 weeks after surgery? I usually heal well and I am dying my hair blond from brown so lots of distracting changes but I am attending a best friend's wedding 3 weeks after surgery and I don't want my nose/ facial swelling to be topic of convsersation. It really doesn't matter to me that they will find out eventually but more I just don't want to be centered and obviously swollen. What are your thoughts? Any advise on make up strategies/ cover up   2- Ok, also, I just met a new guy and I know that nose will be painful for long time but what are we talking here in terms of pain threshold? Will it hurt to kiss some a few weeks after? (nose contact) Haha... I just don't see how we could meet and not even kiss...perhaps someone out there can give me advise on this... little too private I know, but I am sure some of you out there are married etc and I can't seem to find a discussion about this anywhere...    Thanks everyone!