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How noticeable after two weeks?

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  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone! 1- For those of you who had rhinoplasty, was it obvious to people 2-3 weeks after surgery? I usually heal well and I am dying my hair blond from brown so lots of distracting changes but I am attending a best friend's wedding 3 weeks after surgery and I don't want my nose/ facial swelling to be topic of convsersation. It really doesn't matter to me that they will find out eventually but more I just don't want to be centered and obviously swollen. What are your thoughts? Any advise on make up strategies/ cover up   2- Ok, also, I just met a new guy and I know that nose will be painful for long time but what are we talking here in terms of pain threshold? Will it hurt to kiss some a few weeks after? (nose contact) Haha... I just don't see how we could meet and not even kiss...perhaps someone out there can give me advise on this... little too private I know, but I am sure some of you out there are married etc and I can't seem to find a discussion about this anywhere...    Thanks everyone!

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Okay, great questions! So, I found this on RealSelf about having sex after rhinoplasty. I KNOW that might be jumping the gun, but I thought you should have this info and it might pertain to kissing as well.

You definitely want to avoid raising your blood pressure for three weeks post op and be really careful not to bonk noses.

I don't know about a wedding three weeks after surgery. It very much depends on how you heal. I definitely could've swung it, but I didn't bruise or swell much. (My voice did get nasally, though I don't think that's typical).

Good luck and please let us know how it all goes!

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