Will anyone notice the swelling after Vaser Lipo?

  • OLA123
  • heft160
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I'm planning on doing VaserLipo(lower and upper abdomen and inner thighs) on Friday May 20th, and not going back to work until June 1st. I am worried about friends and co workers finding out that i had this procedure done. Is the swelling that bad? I have been reading posts and seen pictures....will i be able to wear jeans/pants. Im very worried. I have good skin and im 22, 5'2 125 lbs. I pay for this procedure next week but I don't know if i should back out. Im excited but very nervous.

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Hi bebu! I didn't have my tummy done. I am fortunate that I have never had an issue with my stomach. When I would lose weight my upper body would get so skinny that I would look sick, but my legs would still be fat! NOT ANYMORE!! YEH!!!! I live in Upstate NY. Wish I was in VA. Much better weather! LOL!!
OLA123- glad to hear you are doing well! Don't worry about your thighs being uneven. When the swelling goes down that should even out.
Hi! I am 4th day post surgery, hardley any bruising only on my back I feel great already! I see results. My right thigh however looks bigger than the left, I am hoping its because of swelling. My tummy looks great already! I m hoping it will improve also.

My surgeon took out 1 liter total from my thighs and upper/lower abdomen, and flanks.
Hello mommac777,
Good to hear that the come out seems quite well.Do you also do the vaser tummy area too,around the belly button? I love to hear from you if you have that done.also are you living in va?
I had vaser on my thighs circumfrentially and to be honest the results were so dramatically good that I couldn't even tell that I was swollen! You will be sore and will most likely have some bruising. Take it easy and rest. The swelling will not be that dramatic. BUT depending on how much you are having removed, if you don't see results right away don't be frustrated! Truly after a few weeks when the swelling starts going down you will be very happy! You will definately be able to wear your jeans. I was down two sizes and that was with swelling! But I had almost 6 liters removed off of my legs so again, it depends on how much your surgeon removes! Best of luck to you!
Ihave same high but more heavier.I plan to get it done too.Could not help you at all ,but would you let me know where you get it done? and please let me know afterward.Thanks,
Hi, I will be having the procedure done this Friday May 20th I am extremely nervous, but I will keep you posted