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Does nose tip drop after rhinoplasty?

  • Barbie412
  • chicago
  • 4 years ago

I had a rhinoplasty done 2 weeks ago. I was hoping for perfectly straihgt looking nose. Could it be that the tip is still swollen and looks little upturned. Will it change with time and get straighter. Maybe I won't get the results I was hoping for because my tip was very upturned and that's all I could achieve with just one surgery?. Is such a radical change possible with only one surgery?

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Your before nose is amazing and your after nose is perfect! I've had three surgeries and still can't get mine to look like yours. I would rather have a tip that angles up than a straight nose. It looks more feminine and youthful.
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Based on my own rhino, I also panicked a bit after seeing how swollen and almost turned-up my nose tip appeared (well, since i had a droopy tip prior to my surgery, i was kinda glad!) but still, a year later, my tip has balanced out nicely! Don't worry, your nose looks great in both of your pix! You look pretty, so don't stress too much!
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I think it looks great personally. The tip goes up just very slightly, but not enough to look bad.

Honestly, be happy with your nose. I like it!!
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I just took a closer look at your photo, if you wanted a straighter look your doctor should have taken from the sides,refining them, not the tip, and then used a filler to fill in that little gap which created the illusion of a higher nose.. instead of taking off the tip and making your nose shorter.
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I have read that the tip does drop some, but not drastically, over time. I realize you were going for a different aesthetic, but I think you look amazing!

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Did this ever change for you? I just had surgery 4 days ago and have similar feelings.
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i had open rhinoplasty 6 days ago. my nose appears shorter and stubbier and upturned more now...even though its supposed to be the opposite. My dr used a graft to extend it a bit and supposedly bring the tip down but it doesnt look that way at all. Is this just swelling and does that type of improvements just take longer to show up due to swelling??? im really depressed i think it looks worse and the areas that look skinnier seem to emphasize the big areas. This is awful.

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is this how you look after the surgery? your nose is perfect, there's nothing wrong with it. it's not upturned at all.
are you happy with the results now? would you suggets dr. gunter to a loved one?