Nose tip drop and nostril's height

  • Jack1
  • 2 years ago

just had and surgery 14 days ago. Main purpose was fixing the septum deviation. But doctor also suggested Rhinoplasty. I was expecting a straight nose, but mine is a little curved at the nose tip ( at least I feel that way) (photo is attached) So, first of all, what do you think about that one for a man ? Also what's your opinion height of the nose tip and nostrils ? And is it possible it to drop and me to get a straight nose as I wish ? Thanks in advance

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It will feel more and more like your own as time goes on. I went through a similar feeling after my rhinoplasty, but you adjust.

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Oh really, thank you, I still feel indifferent about it. Could be a little more straight until the nose tip. Also I feel as if it is pasted onto my face, I mean as if it's not a part of my body. Its been around 2 weeks, so will it be turned into something a part of my body, in terms of appearance.
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I think it looks great!

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