Nose tip droops when i smile?

  • ashleyy
  • 1 year ago

Ok so i've had rhinoplasty twice, and the second one was very very minor. it elevated my tip. but, now i noticed the problem isnt the tip of my nose. the problem is the portion where my nostril is connected to my cheek/face. it rises upwards when i smile, giving the illusion that my nose is drooping, and makes my nostrils look very long/narrower. and when i put my fingers there when i smile i can feel my fingers moving upwards. obviously noses shouldn't be completely static but the amount my nose changes is ridiculous, it looks like an entirely different nose. what i'm asking is if there is anything that can be done to fix this movement? botox? snipping a muscle? i dont think rhinoplasty itself can do anything to fix this, i think it is more of an overactive type of muscle movement. eveny my experienced rhinoplasty surgeon said he cannot do anything about this problem. thank you for any suggestions!

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i recently had my first rhino, i also had the droopingthing when smiling, the doctor cut a muscle in addition to lifting the tip ect. he said it would help, time will show =)
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Thanks for posting on RealSelf! It looks like you got some great answers from doctors to your inquiry.

I'd love it if you'd pay it forward by sharing your story in the rhinoplasty community. You can go here to do that.

Please let us know what you decide to do. I truly hope you end up loving your nose.

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