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Nose Specialist in Illinois / Indiana in 5,000-7,000 range

  • Stos_88
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

I've been looking for a rhinoplasty specialist for almost two years now to no avail. All the big name doctors in Chicago have been recommended, but I don't care much for any of their results. Those surgeons seem more media and hype than anything. And they're too young. Why can't I find an extremely experienced and skilled surgeon in the northern Illinois or Indiana area, that charges a reasonable price? Aren't rhinos one the most popular procedures? I know they're out there somewhere. I've read on other forums costs that ranged from 4,000-7,500 all across the country, including other expensive and big cities, but I can't get a name for a Chicago surgeon or it's surrounding areas from real people - only advertisements. Help! 

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I've been researching my area ..researching TOO MUCH!
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Well Toriumi definitely doesn't fit into the $5-$7k budget. His surgeries are upwards of $20k. Even though there seems to be a great deal of unhappy Toriumi patients, there are just as many (if not more) people that would swear by him--I've even read he did the Obama's noses! But as a prospective patient, it is a little alarming to have a whole website dedicated to how "awful" a doctor is. Anyways, have you looked into Dr. Perkins in Indianapolis? Or possibly traveling to Cleveland? I've also got a big ole Greek nose too and I'm having surgery with Dr. Guyuron in November. After a whole lot of researching and going back and forth, I feel 100% confident in my choice. Best of luck in whomever you choose!
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PLEASE post before & after pics if you don't mind .. Dr Guyuron is one of the docs on the "unGreek my nose" list . Best of luck & a fast recovery to u!
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Ugh, I'm also looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in the Chicago/ northwest Indiana area.. The "before & after" pics I'm seeing are either "models, not actual patients" and the pics that aren't really that good. Just poor photos, scary ratings & doctors that over use marketing advertisements is all on finding! Please let me know what you find :) After 15yrs of hating my big Greek nose, I finally want to go through with rhinoplasty..and want it done right!
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I have a bulbous tip, wide bridge , and thicker skin on nose than I would like----I am caucasian. The only docs that had pictures that showed enough improvement that it would be worth it, were the ones who had separate pics for ethnic noses, or called themself an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist. In general, with so many of the noses, the post op improvement disappointing. There were still issues left untouched by the surgery. Also, a lot of the pics are not well lighted or not close up enough to evaluate the work. When a doc posts so few pics, as some of them do--I naturally conclude that the outcome of the other patients wasnt good enough to post on their site. Maybe they need help marketing the noses???
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Actually, I definitely know what you mean with what you said about all the Chicago doctors. Did you end up finding anyone?
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Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! I'm wondering what you mean by "I don't care much for any of their results". Did you the surgeons you met with not have ample before and after photos to show you or were the noses not similar to yours?

Chicago is a huge city and I'm sure there are many qualified board-certified surgeons there. Here is a list and maybe you can spot a few you haven't consulted with.

Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure, but it is also one of the most difficult and intricate to perform. You do want to find a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty.

Here is what some doctors have to say about rhinoplasty in Chicago.

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