I would like to make my nose smaller overall

  • rain1234
  • dallas, tx
  • 3 years ago

I haven't considered plastic surgery until recently, when I was going through my photos and I realized my nose is a bit big for my other facial features. especially compared to my small tiny lips. my nose is something i consider as one of my good characteristics because it's so unique -- but, i just want it smaller overall width-wise (from the bridge all the way to the alar base.) i do have a very small bump, but i don't mind it that much from the side -- it's just that the bump makes the middle of my bridge from the frontal view not very pretty. also my tip from the side can be lifted up a little bit. what would be the approximate cost for such procedure and what else would you recommend based on my picture?

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yup i am also using nose right tool really it's make nose smaller within short time without any surgery and makeup
I am a reeaaal user of the Nose Right, and want to say it does work but not for all people!!! You NEED to verify with Nose Right customer support if this would work for you. Nose Right is simple but yet medically advanced, I know that, but you need to contact Nose Right. Nose Right is ONLY good for thicker, bulbous, or humped noses.

Thanks for posting to RealSelf and included a photo. It's a little hard to judge your nose without seeing the rest of your face for context. But I can understand you might not want to give your identity away. Rhinoplasty is a very personal decision. From what I've seen, the people who are happiest with a nose job are those who were looking for improvement, and not perfection. You might want to go to a couple consults with plastic surgeons and get their input, or, if you can provide a better quality photo, post this in our Doctor Q&A community to get their guidance.