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Why does my nose look the same 5 1/2 weeks after rhinoplasty?

  • Smiles2010
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 4 years ago

I had closed rhinoplasty 5 1/2 weeks ago. My nose looked great for the first week after the cast came off. However, as the weeks go by, my nose look is getting larger and has a hump. It looks just like the way it did before the procedure.

The doctor told me to squeeze the sides of my nose for 3 weeks so the bones don't go back to the way it was (he fractured my nose during the procedure). Is this swelling or is my nose going back to the way it was pre-surgery? Thanks!

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Its been 8 months after my rhinoplasty and my nose looks the same! When I first got my cast taken off my nose was exactly the way I wanted it. my doctor told me it would heal after 6 months, after about 3 weeks my nose began swelling. I went to the doctor-they said it was normal, and it would heal back. Its been 8months since my surgery and my nose looks the same, nothing had changed, I no longer have the nose I wanted, but I have my same OLD nose AGAIN! So did was my doctor bad? Or do i still need to wait longer to see results? im 18yrsold

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same here !
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I don't see the results, why? I had a rhinoplasty done a week and a half ago. The upturned tip was supposed to be corrected. I think it still looks the same. Do I have to wait to see the results, how long?

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why does my nose look the same after rhinoplasty? i am an African American female who recently had closed rhinoplasty 3/05/2010...The doctor did not give me a splint or any packing after surgery but rather, taped my nose. I wore the tapes till 3/12/2010. Once the tapes were removed, i liked the way my nose looked but after a while, it seemed my nose kept getting bigger and more to its original shape. Today is 3/13/2010 and its hard for me to see the difference. My nostrils look the same and my bridge which the surgeon highlighted is losing its refinement. Is this normal or will I just end up with the nose i started with? im sad.

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