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Should I or Shouldn't I? Nose Reshaping

  • Amalia23
  • 1 year ago

Hy Everyone! I am Amy and I am 20 years old girl from London,United Kindom.I am just starting this so I could get some feedback from others out there that have already had a nose job or are thinking about getting one done.I am really concerned about my nose.. I think my nose is too big,crooked and my bump looks awful, I really hate it ..Does it look like I should get a nose job? If yes, then what should I have done?

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I agree. Get rid of the hump but leave the length. You have a strong chin and too small of a nose won't look in proportion. Maybellineo
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I could see you getting the bump removed ( but not too much!!). That's all I can tell from your photo. I don't think anyone SHOULD get a nose job, it's a matter of what you feel is right for you. You are very pretty, by the way!
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