Nose job a month before wedding?

  • Angiexo1
  • Miami
  • 4 years ago

I'm getting married in April. Will it be ok to get a nose job next month? Will this be a risk?

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Comments (2)

Having just had one done months before mine, I would say don't do take the risk. What if you hate it? Do you really need additional stress before your wedding? You may not be able to smile a few weeks out before the wedding and that will be a bit scary before that day that you should be smiling nonstop. Additional stress will not help the healing process. Plus the swelling may not be completely down and while others might nto really be able to really tell, you will, and you won't need anything to make you feel less than your gorgeous self on that day. Plus, the cameras may still pick up on the swelling. In addition, the honeymoon may suffer if you still don't feel up for strenuous activity because of the healing process. Just my two cents though. You may really feel insecure about it enough that you feel you need it to feel gorgeous. But just my vote from my own experience-not worth it. spend the money on your future home and family. and if you still fell insecure in another year and you have the money, then re-consider. Congrats on the wedding and I hope you look to yourself to make the right decision!
I would say don't do it a month before. With all there is to do, it is a huge pain to add that on top of things. I'm getting married in June and regretting just having done one especially b/c I'm not happy with the outcome so far.