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How much does a nose job cost by Dr. Ryan Frank?

  • antoinette1793
  • california
  • 4 years ago

I want to know how much does he charge the average patient for rhinoplasty? I called to ask their office, but they said they do not give quotes over the phone. Does anyone know how much he charges?

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I'm having a similar procedure (minor nose work) done in March of next year for $16,000 (excluding surgery center and anesthesiologist fees). Of course, with any elective procedure it's all about comfort and how the surgeon makes you feel. Needless to say, I've been extremely impressed by Dr. Ryan and the piece of mind alone has been worth the cost.
Dr. Ryan is worth every time. He goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you want. I wouldn't have gone with any other Dr.
I had my procedure done just this past Saturday. I am in no pain what so ever and have little bruising. The total cost of all my procedures will be 38,000 dollars. I paid 20,000 for my breasts. ( 18,000 for the procedure 2,000 for the silicone implants) I have postponed my nose job becasue of the recovery time. My nose job only is going to be 12,000 because I only have a very minor bump on the left side of my bridge. The rest of the costs go to the surgical center (2,000) and anesthesiologist (4,000) I also stayed in a private recovery facility for an addition cost...which I highly recomend, I had a chef, a nurse 24/7 and was able to have Dr. Ryan visit me without having to go back to the office... and it was worth every penny. I look forward to my nose job in Novemenber. Once you have your consultation your quote is good for one year so there is no rush and they give you plenty of time to think about it. Good luck !!!!
May I ask how he quoted you such a low price? I though it was much higher seeing as how he's a celeb doc. I have a consultation with him this month and i'm hoping he quotes me the same price!
I am having mine done by him later this month. i am paying the low price *wink* of 12,000
Do you mind if I ask how he quoted you that price? I thought it was much higher. I have a consultation with him this month and im hoping he quotes me the same amount.