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Can a nose job change how you look??

  • Rain11
  • 2 years ago

I recently got a rhinoplasty and I'm not sure I'm really satisfied.  I seem to look different, off.  I thought it would really soften up my face and open up my face but it has given me a look that I think looks slightly less attractive than my other nose gave me.  Did this happen to anyone else? 

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it seems to have messed up the whole symmetry of my face if you see my \profile pic my lips didn't looks that off before

Hi there!

Yes, rhinoplasty changes your nose, which can change the balance of your features, though probably not as much as you feel it does right now. If you had rhinoplasty recently, you're most likely in the adjustment stage (and still swollen stage) -- trying to get used to how you look. I'm sorry you're feeling less attractive, but do give it time.