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Nose looks different (in a bad way) after septoplasty surgery (4th day--splints just removed).

  • jhcl1990
  • 10 months ago

So this entire surgery has been an absolute nightmare, and the doctor actually had to drain a septal hematoma after removing the splints from my nostrils (no packing). Anyways, my main concern is how my nose looks... I've always had a slightly prominent/protruding upper part of my nose, but now it looks like my nose dips down slightly in the middle as well. Either that or the tip of my nose is sticking up a little more than it did pre-op. My nose is also a slight bit wider. I'm regretting this surgery BIG TIME, because not only is my breathing not better (completely clogged at the moment), but I don't like the way my nose looks.Is the internal swelling causing my nose to look different?Post-op pics are attached.

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I'm sorry you've had a rough time with this! You're still probably really swollen! Here's what some doctors say about swelling after septoplasty. Was yours an open or closed septoplasty?
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