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Best nose filler and your experience

  • blueice
  • 10 months ago

Hello everyone,I have an appointment to get a nose filler injected to smooth out the hump on my nose bridge. I've been made fun of and laughed at because of it and I've hated it so much! I can't go for rhinoplasty as its pretty scary and expensive.So, after searching and digging around for information, I've finally plucked up the courage to get a nose filler injected. I'm considering Perlane. It's longer lasting than Restylane. Did anyone try this Perlane for smoothing out the hump? How was your experience? Did you have any side effects like bruising, swelling or worse? Before getting it, I want to know everything I can from people who got it done. I'm actually hesitating because I read somewhere that it can also cause blindness. So please if someone has had experience with Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, Juvederm then let me know which one you chose and worked out well for you and any side effects caused.I'll be anxiously waiting to hear from you guys.Thanks a bunch!

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DO. NOT DO. IT. My dermatologist "accidentally" (?) got Perlane in my nose when she was horribly shooting my right NLF and IT HURTS!!! I am talking EVERY DAY, it hurts. It presses on my nose cartilage, sending what my (new, as of these injections) ear nose throat doctor calls "referred pain" to my head (headache) and ear (earache). Talking, laughing, and exercising flare the pain. I now have to take Advil if I'm going to be interacting for any period of time or the pain is too killer to deal with. The Advil does not handle the entirety of the pain. Just don't do it.