Is it normal to have a lot of eye discharge after permanent eyeliner?

  • Fell826
  • 1 year ago

I had permanent eyeliner done in Friday- my eyes are still bloodshot and drainage is so bad at night that my lashes seal together- I have to put water on my eyes to get them to open because they are stuck together. Also seems that the ink did not take on the bottom..

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It went away after a couple days. Seems that it was a reaction to the a&d ointment. But because of all the oozing and my reaction.. The color did not hold :( so I am going back at the end of the month to try again. What should I use other than a&d on the tattoo that won't hurt my eyes??
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It would seem you are not tolerant of petroleum products. I would suggest speaking to your Permanent makeup professional to suggest an alternative. I give a product called "Tattoo Goo" for healing. It's petroleum free, and promotes healing.
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You most definitely have some type of eye infection and you should see your eye doctor asap. This not typical of an eyeliner procedure.
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I'm not a doctor, but from what you are describing I'm wondering if you might have Pink Eye? I would suggest going to your doctor to find out for sure.

Here is a Q&A that talks about what is usually expected after permanent eyeliner:

How Long is the Recovery from Permanent Eye Makeup?

Let us know what you find out, and how you are doing.

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