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Is it normal for legs and ankles to swell?

  • Arnohose
  • 1 year ago

I am on day 15 of my full TT, muscle repair and lipo. I had my final ,drain removed on Tuesday. I have quite a bit of swelling ad I wear my compression binder 24/7 as instructed. The only time I take off the binder is to shower. I do notice if I am on my feet too long I really swell. I did notice this morning my ankles kind of have the "cankle look", has anyone else had this issue? This forum has really really helped soi knew what to expect. The smartest thing I did was rent an electric lift chair, I literally live in it. I rented it for 2 weeks then extended it to 3, I am hoping to sleep in my bed next week. 

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I too am experiencing the same thing, I'm 13 days post-op. For example:I went to my p.s today,( I was hoping to get my drains out) but no such luck.,Anyways, my legs and feet were fine until I got home, and they swelled up again, I didn't say anything because I thought at the time I was ok and done with that kind of swelling. So am I gonna be ok ? I noticed that when I put my feet up within a half hour the swelling subsides. Is this a normal part of my t.t, well I alsohad muscle repair and a couple of hernias repaired. ...I was told by my P.S that I did however have a huge amount of scar tissue, she has never seen so much scar tissue in a person before. I'm just thinking because of my recent surgery being that it took longer and it was a bit more extensive, that swelling would be" Parr" for the course? Please let me know any answers or suggestions? Thank you.
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