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Is it normal to have fear of dying before a tummy tuck?

  • Lynnlynn
  • CT
  • 3 years ago

I am having a full TT with lipo in 3 weeks. I am going through a very reputable hospital's resident program with the chief of surgery assisting. I am suddenly having anxiety at night wondering if I will die. I have a husband and 4 wonderful daughters who I am extremely close with, 14,11,6 & 5

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I also had the same fears as you. Remember many people have this surgery everyday and I'm sure you're surgeon has done this many times.

I just had my tummy tuck (with lipo on flanks) this morning. The only thing that bothers me is my back. Good luck! I hope this helps you some!
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200lost - 

How are you doing today?  Thinking about you and anxiously waiting for an update:)  How is the back today?
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Wow, you just had it today?

Is your back sore from the position - lying on it? Or, is it sore from where they did the lipo on flanks?

Feel better soon! :)
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my back is much better today, thanks!

I think it was more about just the position/laying on my back but I'm sure the lipo has something to do today. It's more annoying/uncomfortable than actual pain though, imo.
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Yes, it's normal! I read about women's pre-surgery anxiety all the time. But, like Kimmers said, you're pretty darn safe in a good hospital OR. Please keep us updated on your journey.

If you'd consider writing your story in our tummy tuck Review community, I'm encouraging women to start a blog of sorts about their decision making process before surgery. That way we can give you the support you need along the way!

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My surgery is Feb. 2. I guess I've had a few qualms, but this is something I really want.

My kids are grown and gone, so I'm not worried in that regard.

I think it's a normal reaction to any major surgery. I figure if I let it, or any negative people, change my mind; I will always be resentful and regretful that I didn't do this, for ME.
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aren't all us women put on this earth to feel guilty about something?. It has taken me years to pluck up courage to go ahead with this op, even if circumstances had been different then, i would've not chosen to go ahead with it, simply because of other people. life is short, and if there's anything within your grasp, and you're not harming anyone else, go for it!. that's gotta be my philosophy now. Chin up, and good luck!!!. x
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Amen sister!   I think my middle name is "Guilt".  I am learning to let that go a bit. 
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Thank you for the comforting words. Im feeling much better and looking forward for the big day more than ever. 3 more weeks and I will actually have a normal tummy! I had my first child at 15 and my stomach has looked like a ball of pizza dough ever since :( My whole teen years I spent embarrassed and ashamed in front of all my "perfect" friends. Finally 15 years later,married with 4 kids I am fulfilling my dream of having a nice,flat UNsaggy belly!
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hello, with only 6 days to go i too have had the odd pang of fear of dying, and feeling guilty for making other people worry about me. i think it seems to be quite a common concern on the site. i'm so glad we are all here for each other!!!
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I too feel the same. I am having my surgery on Feb. 1st and have the same thoughts. I have 2 kids 5 & 8. I hate to feel selfish but I can't stand hating my tummy everyday also.
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You will be so happy :)   My teen years were spent with overly large breasts "DDD".  Well you can only imagine what the kids said about that. 

We can start your count down now!!!
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Ladies you are all wonderful and deserve this!!!  It will be ok and we can all have a "Reunion" in the summer. 
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Hello, how did the surgery go? I'm scheduled for March 15, and I'm a nervous wreck!
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Oh the anxiety!  Yes completely normal and unsettling to say the least.

I assure you though that you would have these feelings and thoughts with any surgery.  Everything carries a risk but you are so safe in a controlled OR.  You take more risk driving to work on a busy highway than being put under.

The reason I was more anxious about this surgery was because it was an elective.  Not something that had to be done; but I wanted it and I was going to do it no matter what!   It made me feel a little selfish and caused great anxiety.  The "What If's" consumed my brain for a while.  I quickly got over it once I knew that my hubby was my biggest cheerleader and support. 

But you will be fine and come through well.   So rest easy, be proud of yourself for doing this for "You" and push forward. 
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