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Is this normal for lower facelift? dr Kaleninski

  • secrets
  • England.
  • 2 years ago

I recently went to Dr Kalecinski in Poland for lower face lift.! I arrived at 9.30am...he went though the motions,i had a local anesthetic ,and within 20 minutes after the op,i  walked back to the apartment ,having a coffee on the way,i have had no swelling or bruising,no tightness at all,and not one person can see a difference. I look exactly as i was before. Frankly i am appalled and angry that i have been so stupid to believe all i hear. This doctor is possibly  good at body precedures,but he is no 'face' man. I have cried buckets to end up looking exactly as before. I only wanted a tight jawline,but now it is looser than before...just dreadful....please people,dont go for the hype of the inbetweeners who are just after a quick buck.

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secrets, if you're looking for something cheap but good quality, have you tried Belgium?
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No Unoq,but I have heard good and not so good results.?
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Hi, I wondered if you got sorted? have you contated the clinic NOA CLINIC wraclaw direct? missing out Bridgett and team? - Did you get Adams mobile number on your surgery day like most people? I didnt like the inbetweeners bit either so i opted to pay the cheap flights and went to see Adam myself prior to booking. I just thought the process strange, I know you get a consultation on the day of op but, what if you decide not to proceed? possibly 5 days hotel stay down the drain along with organised childcare, time off work etc. Its the same nowadays in uk to be honest. I went for a consultation to 2 surgoens in UK and, I got the secretary both times to explain op to me etc and i have had this surgery 3 times before so i sort of knew more than them. they completely wasted my time because i had to send email to surgeon afterwards anyway. Its poor customer service isnt it? Its just Odd. Yet many people have been great with the process. I suppose its personal preference. People are so excited about the decision to have surgery they get the blinkers on and dont do enough research i think, im shocked by this. Anyway I hope you are doing fine now. x
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hey boobiebabs.........i have totally given up on trying with Kalecinski ,and of course this is what they hope for ,as the whole process has worn me down,and to be honest would i want him ever touching me again???? NO. It has been an expensive experiment which has not worked one iota for me.I loath what he did to me,and i hate myself for believing all the hype from the coordinators....i guess we pay cheap ish prices ,and get cheap results.Kalecinski did NOT lift the muscle as he said he did,and after seeing a doctor here in the UK he established i only had a cutanious lift (skin lift)....and i am now exactly as i was before,but actually worse,as he loosened the area at the side the eyes and i have drooping where it never was before. UTTER UTTER fact i have just returned from holiday and my friends in Egypt said i had suddenly aged in less than a you can imagine how i felt.! I know a woman from Hampshire who quite recently went to Kalecinski for a facelift and she is in the same boat as me,very very sad and disappointed ,she said it was a conveyor belt and the flat belonging to the clinic was awful.She again will wait 6/7 months before consulting another doctor to sort her mess out. And when Kalecinski tells me its normal to have no bruising,no tightness,no downtime....he must think i am stupid,that man is on a money roll and i just hope more people dont get bitterly disappointed like me,for i really am very upset and depressed.
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hello Sharon,i have asked the doctor for a copy of my operation,and i have heard not a word in reply.
I also asked what qualifications his Agents,Bridgett and David have for advising people about plastic surgery......again no reply,and my goodness did they come up with some things.!
Before this,Having sent pictures of my lower face,which clearly shows dreadful jowling ,they said the pictures were not suitable,they want head HELD UP.....of course if i did that it would conceal a lot of the problem...and who walks around all day with their head high in the air?
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i just wondered if you contacted the GMC at the time too? He is Registered in the UK
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yes,it was more than strange.
I have recently sent photo,s of my lower face,which clearly shows jowling,much worse than before....there response was....''those photo,s are not suitable as we want photo,s with you pulled/strained looking up''....well,of course if i strain my neck/face looking up,of course it will remove some of the jowling,and who is likely to go around with their head in the clouds?
These people always will try every which way to avoid any responsibility,and rarely does anyone get any satisfaction when dealing with cowboy doctors,and their agents always have a ready answer.
Right now i am in deep depression ,i feel worthless,a laughing stock and a complete and utter fool for listening to the hype of his agents,David and Bridget,and i have lost all confidence ,and my pride is all but diminished.
Please ,anyone thinking of Poland for facial surgery,dont do it,for our face is on show every day....and better to save to go to a reputable doctor in the US or UK.
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That's a really strange experience. Can you ask the doctor for a copy of your operation records? This should explain exactly what was done.

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Yes Sharon,i have asked several time for my records,but they just ignore my requests,but now I am hearing from others who have had appalling results ,from facelifts to tummy tucks,all have had bad results,plus some dreadful scarring.......but as with me,they get no response to their concerns.ggrrrrr
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