Does this look normal ? I got it done 3 days ago

  • Melly22
  • 1 year ago

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I have this right now only got it done yesturday however mines only like that on one side! How has yours turned out?

I can understand why you would feel concerned. Here are some reviews of other community members who have had their lips done, and they have pictures posted so you can see what things were looking like them. Perhaps you could leave a comment on their reviews to ask if they experienced what you are:

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Please keep us updated with what goes on from here.

Yes and no. The lips are very sensitive with very delicate skin so you have to expect them to look a little ugly as they go through the scabbing and healing process. I find that most people go far overboard with creams or ointments and that just makes the situation worse. When you have ointment on the tattoo the scabs become moist and gooey which is a perfect environment for catching and trapping dirt, germs and bacteria. Its best to leave it clean and dry and allow the body to heal itself. With lips, dryness can be very uncomfortable so I like to use eucerin healing cream...just a drop, and rubbed into the skin. A lot of times when you over moisturize especially with ointments you will get thicker and crustier scabs, so try eucerin or aquaphor cream and try to leave them alone as much as you can.