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Is this normal bruising 2 days after Juvederm injection?

  • phdmom
  • Orlando, FL
  • 4 years ago

I had Juvederm injections into my tear troughs 2 days ago and I'm wondering if the bruise I am seeing is normal, or if its something more serious, like a Hematoma or something. The doctor warned me that I would bruise so I can't say I'm suprised to have bruising, but I thought my bruise would look different. I did have local anesthesia injections on each side, and I'm wondering if the troubled area is from the injection. Any ideas? I am excited because both hollow areas under my eye already looke MUCH improved compared to my before pics!

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I am a big bruiser and did bruise badly yhe one time I did not drink pineapple smoothies every day for 3-5 days prior to the injection. It must be fresh pineapple and you must eat the core as that has all the bromelin. Bromelin is a very powerful anti-iflamatory agent that works great when you have any kind of surgery, injections or the like. The bromelin supplements will not do the is best to eat the fresh pineapple.
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