Has anyone had a nonsurgical nose job.

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  • 1 year ago

I am wondering of there any long term complications? Are there any restrictions"

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Hey fixnose.. I'm actually in the process of fixing my nose nosurgically after a revision rhinoplasty I just had which left me with an assymetrical tip.. I had my first set of injections last month and it definetely improved my nose.. my doctor used silikon 1000 so its permanent.. I go back for my next set in august.. I just had my revision in march so he wanted to wait for more swelling to go down before he injected me again.. so far I'mloving it and I can't wait till august.. I think I will be 100% satistfied :).. since my doctor used the microdroplet technique the risks of complications are small.. overall I think its worth itt
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Do u have any pictures?
Sure I can email them to you.. just message me your email

Great question! Here's what some doctors say about using dermal fillers in the nose.

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