Non surgical nose job

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What is a non surgical nose job and the approximate cost?

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I had a non-surgical nose job done by Dr. Alexander Rivkin in Beverly Hills. I flew all the way from PA to see him. I have a big Jewish nose-- huge bump in the middle, crooked to the right, and a bulbous and droopy tip. He injected RADIESSE into the top on my nose, the sides, and the tip (the permanent filler is artefill). He did an amazing job! There was no pain, took 5 minutes, and a tiny tiny bruise and minimal swelling for one day that no one noticed. It really balanced my face out... it was one of those things like a haircut, where you look prettier but people don't know why. My own dad, brother, and boyfriend didn't even notice! They couldn't put their finger on why I looked so good. It is incredible how making the nose symmetrical (even though its not smaller) balances out your face and brings out your eyes. Due to the size of myy bump, I did have to get a minor touch up about a month later. Then it lasted for over a year. In the end, I am getting a real rhinoplasty just because my nose is freakin huge and doesn't fit my face. But if you have minor bumps, droopiness or want an IDEA of what rhinoplasty will look like on you, I totally recommend it! There are no side effects. Of course plastic surgeons talk against it because they want you to pay for their surgery! But like anything else, go to a good doctor and there won't be a problem.