Nipple Sensitivity and Body Swelling 3 Months After Breast Reduction

  • Bonzo
  • 2 years ago

Am 64 years old and in excellent health and very active. Had breast reduction Sept 27. Went from 34H to 34D (eventually!). Had a lot of discomfort but no real pain. Biggest issue has been nipple sensitivity. Still wearing little sterile pads over nipples in bra because stick out and are hypersensitive. Also notice that midriff seems to be swollen and misshappen and I am being told that my "real" breasts and body won't be evident for 6-12 months from now. What is experience of others?

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I had my BR surgery 7/3 and I am very pleased with the results. However, my nipples do become erect with touch but I have very little sensation. Have you heard of this? I am hoping this will change in the future. Take care and Good Luck!
Over sensitivity was THE most difficult part of recovering for me. I just kept taking Aleve or Advil, or a Percocet now and then, switching back and forth trying to get relief. And just stuck anything in my bra that would help for the moment. Mine started a couple weeks in and lasted about 6 weeks after that. I truly sympathize and hope yours is better by now. I know this doesnt help, but at least you know someone can relate.
I'm no help, as I'm only 4.5 weeks out, but I'll be watching with interest. My nipple sensitivity drives me nuts too - I hadn't thought of sterile pads. I guess that the good news is that we still have nipple sensitivity, but good Lord. Too much of a good thing.

Did you have liposuction or something done on your belly? I know that midriff swelling often happens after BR surgery, but my understanding was that it went down pretty quickly.

Good luck and take care. I'm sorry that I couldn't be helpful!