Nipple Sensitivity

  • April's Miracle
  • North Carolina
  • 1 year ago

Hello All,   I have been searching this site for days but I have not seen any answers to whether the feeling in the nipples die? I am trying to get as much education as possible about this procedure and who better to ask than the women who went through it? I have heard lots of scary things can someone give me some info, I love my tatas and their sensitivity but have heard lots of negative things. Please enlighten me, April's Miracle

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:) Hi April's M, as you know, I had a substantial reduction (over 4 pounds removed from my breasts). Went from a F cup to a B cup. I had a pedicle BR and I kept all feeling and all ability to project in my nipples. I actually have more feeling in my nipples now compared to before my BR. I'm 17 days post op now, and I had full feeling upon waking from my surgery. If you are able to avoid a FNG, please do so, and make sure your PS knows what your feelings are and if you would prefer to avoid a FNG. Sometimes you need to commit to a FNG in order to get down to the size you want, but from what you have mentioned about the amount you will be reduced by, I'm guessing you will be able to have a pedicle reduction. Some PS's try to avoid FNG's at all costs, and others perform them regularly, so your PS's preference plays a big part in this as well.
This was a huge apprehension of mine as well. I really didn't want to lose nipple sensitivy. However, I had to make a decision based on what was best for me physically. It really does depend on the person. My left side had sensitivity almost immediately and was extremely sensitive. My right side had some extra trauma and for a while there was no feeling what-so-ever in that nipple. Then suddenly the sensation just returned one day (about 6 months later). I'm about 9 months healed now. If you have any questions, this website is the best. It got me through some tough times. :)
Losing some or all nipple sensitivity (feeling) or projection (the way you nipple pop out and show, rather than being flat along with the areola) is always a possibility with any breast reduction. However, if you have to have a free nipple graft, you always lose sensitivity, and usually lose projection. Most women have a pedicle procedure, where you are more likely to keep sensitivity and projection, and often have pretty constant projection. I'm amost 3 weeks post-pedicle BR. I have no nipple sensation ( I don't miss ut, because I rarely felt anthing anyway because they hung so yet, but full projection-the " high beams" are always ON. I can take 6mo-2 yrs to get back whatever nipple sensation you are going to get. It's definately something to talk to your PS about, because the individual's breast type and specific procedure can make the difference.
I didn't know there were different procedures for that. I will definitely look up pedicle procedure. I didn't realize how much time and effort could be put into looking into this procedure. I have a whole list of questions for the PS during consultation. I am definitely gonna get my money's worth out of him :) April