NIPLETTES.. For inverted nipples.

  • Pupsbegone
  • Athens , ga
  • 1 year ago

I recently had a breast reduction (march 26,2013). I've always had inverted nipples, but have decided now with the new pups I want this corrected... My ps recommended "NIPLETTES" by AVENT .  I ordered them from amazon, and although ps told me to wait a month I have tried them a couple of times.. I do believe this is gonna work,  42.00 no surgery and perfect nips... Ill post pics along the way so others can follow my process!  Wish me luck!

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Yay! 4 weeks is up and I can officially start using my NIPLETTES .. Day one.
I had mybr on the same day as you..i too have always had inverted nipples. And i want them to be real does the niplettes work?
See my 8 week post op pics... They are working great! My plastic surgeon highly recommended them... Much cheaper than correction surgery .... Good luck