Newbie to the Forum; 3 months Post-Op Questions.

  • bigboobedbridesmaid
  • Upper Midwest
  • 1 year ago

Hi all! I've been reading through some of the discussions on here, and I just had to jump in and ask my own questions. So, my surgery was March 1 (so I'm at the 12week/3month marker tomorrow), and I had a pound taken out of each breast. I was about a 34G or H beforehand, and when I asked the PS to make me a C, she said a D would be better for my frame, but that she would try to get me down to a C.  I've been taking measurements and progress photos; everything fluctuates (and many of you have commented on this), yet I wonder if I really will be a 34C someday. Right now, I can fit into Medium-sized sports bras easily (still not wearing underwire) which - that alone - makes me so happy... & I did try on a 36C non-underwire bra at Walmart (I detest that place, but whatever) that didn't quite fit. The PS said I would be swollen for up to 6 months, so I guess I have to be patient. Any other similar stories out there to this? Anyone at the 6 month mark and has seen a big difference? Also: When did ya'll see the breasts start to turn into a "tear-drop" shape? Mine are still a bit square-ish (yet they are definitely perky). Other issues I've had, in case others find this helpful: --- I used neosporin so much after my surgery, that around Easter, I gave myself contact dermatitis from over-usage. Yeah. I was so damn itchy. My regular doc said, "Hey, your chest looks great; how about you stop using neosporin for a few days!" --- I discovered a mole that developed SINCE the surgery on rightie. I had that removed, and it was tested = not cancerous! Thank goodness I took photos, otherwise I would've never noticed. --- I have attempted strength-training, bike riding, a few short runs, and lots of walking. I get the most sore from strength-training my arms (like the under-arm area that is droopy), and running - I ran a half marathon a few years back - still feels very strange. I still want to put on two sports bras!  Okay. Gosh, I've written a lot. Did I mention I'm an English teacher? :o) Thank you for reading!!