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New wrinkles under my eyes after Botox for crow's feet

  • Natalie2539
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone who has/is going through the same thing as me!  Your stories have been inspirational and I sympathize with your botox for crow's feet leading to undesireable effects.  I had Botox injected for the first time ever, only in my crow's feet.  However, the "nurse" injected ten units of Botox on each side, and I actually felt the injection under my outer eye rim, so I should have known.  Now, while my crow's feet are invisable, I have a new weird wrinkly appearance under my right eye (and my right eye only, which I feel makes it look even worse).  I've read all your posts, and it seems like most of you only had five units injected into the crow's feet.  The med spa I went to had a "special" for $200 for 20 units of Botox, and I feel the nurse used it all up to keep me from carrying over my extra units to the next visit.  I have a bridal portrait scheduled for June 13th and I fear I will not look okay for it and should move it back.  My wedding is on September 29th, and I'm pretty hopeful that all the undesired side effects will be gone by then (5 months post treatment) but I'm so scared!  I noticed no one has posted on this thread in a while.  Have you all recovered, and if so, how long did it take (I gather eight weeks is the turning point)... Should I plan on rescheduling my portrait session for later?  Also, I've contacted PS's who claim they can "fix" my problem with a slight amopunt of Botox where the new wrinkles are, but I've heard this can lead to a droopy lower eyelid and other issues, so do you think I should just wait it out?   PLEASE - sorry for the run-on paragraph, but any advice is greatly appreciated!!!  

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Hi Natalie sorry to hear that this happened to you too - I had the same result. I had 5 units injected on each side for crow's feet, and also did the 11s between my brow and forehead. I developed the dreaded eye bags and wrinkles under my eyes when I smiled. I was miserable and I completely understand what you are going through. Good news is that it does get better.

I can't say that the bags/wrinkles are completely gone 5 months out but they aren't nearly as bad as they were and no one but me notices. I am 42 years old so that has to be taken into account too - if you are younger I think you will make a full recovery. By 8 weeks I had seen a lot of improvement, to the point where I wasn't obsessing over it and felt comfortable going out in public and looking people directly in the eye. Until then I hid behind dark rimmed glasses and avoided smiling - not good. My advice is to drink tons of water and exercise as much as you can - sweat that stuff out! I also slathered my under eye area with creams to keep the skin hydrated - the skin under my eyes felt very irritated after the injections and I found that Fresh Lotus Eye Gel and Kiehls Avocado eye cream both were great for sensitive skin. Also, on a rec I read here (I think), I bought Earth Therapeutics Cucumber Eye pads that seemed to help with the swelling a bit.

If you can, push back the bridal photos a few weeks so that you will feel more confident. I am certain that others didn't notice my bags and wrinkles as much as I did but it really affected my self esteem and I felt that I looked so much older than before I got botox. I have a new appreciation for my crow's feet - I love to smile and laugh and really hated the restrictive feeling I had after the botox. I also had a pull under my left eye which is gone for the most part but if I get little sleep or have a bad allergy day I can still feel it.

Hang in there, it will wear off and you will be back to your normal self. Good luck.
Thanks caitgrania! Yes, this definitely is a bummer of a situation. It really helps to hear from others like yourself who have gone through it and come out the other side! I definitely will try to sweat out as much of the botox as possible - since it's just me and my df living in our house right now, I think I'll turn the A/C off upstairs and sweat it out on the elliptical as much as possible until these side effects go away! I'm also going to try using the eye gels and creams you suggested - while I don't have any real irritation except for my actual eyes being a bit red, I want to ensure these new wrinkles don't create any permanent lines!!! Keep me updated on your progress - like you, I'm thinking of just learning to appreciate my crow's feet - as hard as that may be. :)
Hi Megan, thanks for your response! yes, that bag like think along with a couple new wrinkles on my right side is exactly what I have too! Ugh is right. I feel like it's only happening on my right side because the corner of my mouth naturally turns up a little more when I smile so yes, that side "scrunches" a bit more when I smile,and my crow's feet were definitely deeper on that side.

I think this look is actually worse than the crows feet, and think I'll definitely be waiting until AFTER my wedding before attempting more Botox and then making sure I go to a different injector and have much less injected and not nearly as low. I don't think it's worth going back and trying to "fix" it - way too much risk involved!

Thanks for your input on the bridal photos... I think I will push the portrait shoot back! How long did it take last time this happened to you before you started noticing improvement? I am so sorry you're going through this too! Please keep me updated on your progress as well!

caitgrania is right, it will work its way through your system. It only took about 3 months for me to notice a huge improvement the first time. I thought they were  gone at that point, but I noticed a bit more improvement until the 5 month mark, where they were totally gone. I'm hoping this time it runs through just as quick. I'm undecided if I will try a 3rd injector or if I will just decide Botox for my crows feet just isn't a good choice for me personally because of the way my cheeks push up. We'll see.

Can you push your photos until August or were you going to use one of the shots for your invites?? I know that is super close to the wedding but it should pretty much be gone by then I would think.

I can push the photos back as far as possible - probably until August. The only issue is it's going to be in the dead heat of summer then (I live in Texas)! I'm glad to hear your bags went away pretty fast - by the wedding mine *should* be completely gone - fingers crossed! As for further injections - I know what you mean. I'm positive I won't get ANY more until after the wedding and honeymoon at least, but not sure if I'll give it another try at all or just learn to embrace my crow's feet. They kind of look "twinkly" and aren't tooo bad so I can definitely live with them!

As for the photo shoot - this may sound ridiculous, but I'm really stressing over what to tell my photographer, hair stylist, MUA, videographer - all the people I booked for the bridal portrait. I haven't told anyone about my Botox except for my fiance, and I'm embarrassed... Any ideas as to what I could say to push it back a couple months, or should I just be honest - yikes!?

Well the sooner you tell them the better, that way they have a better chance of scheduling other work & are less likely to be upset by it. Its up to you if you tell them about the Botox or not. If you don't feel comfortable sharing that detail with them, you certainly have no obligation to do so.

You could just be very vague & tell them you did "something" and you would like to give it a little time then just move the conversation into the rescheduling details. You could tell them you decided you wanted the photos closer to the wedding...which is true, you just aren't disclosing why you want them closer. ;)

Hopefully they will be understanding & all goes smooth. :)


I think I know exactly what you are talking about. It is a weird little bag like thing that pops out when you smile? If so I have the same thing!! Ugh!!

This is my second time getting Botox for my crows feet. It happened the first time as well, but I thought it was a problem with where the injection was placed, but this time that area wasn't injected and it happened again (I went to a different injector this time too). When I went to my followup I asked him about it & he said it was basically just the way my anatomy was, due to the way my cheeks scrunch up when I smile. Not really sure what is worse, this look or the crows feet!

I'm so sorry to hear this is possibly going to interrupt your bridal portraits. If line is like mine, I can tell you they don't really show up in photos unless its a super closeup. That being said, you want to feel super confident & beautiful in your bridal shots, and since your wedding (congrats btw!!) isn't until September why not push it off & let the Botox move through your system? At least that way you won't be thinking about it the whole time your pictures are being taken.

Keep us posted on what you decide & how you are doing!