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  • Bluesky2012
  • 2 years ago

So...just started my research 9 months ago and I can't believe that I am so close to my surgery day 1/11/12. I have been wishing for a breast reduction for years now and finally approved. Freedom at last! yayyy. I am scheduled for a reduction and full abominoplasty. I am a full figured gal at 210 lbs.  My family thinks I need weight loss surgery but all 4 Dr's that I have consulted with state that I am not a candidate.  So, I am going with their recommendation.  I am scared and not sure of what to expect out of my body. I am 5'3'' 210 lbs, 38-40 E chest and size 14-16.  My doctor states that I will be so re-leaved and that my back pain and discomfort will go away.  Has anyone had extreme results? Is it truly  worth it? I know that I will not be 114 lbs like I was pre-pregnancy but I want to feel like I can breath again...that my chest isn't my identity.......Anyone have any input or words of encouragement?      Thanks!

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Your day is coming up quickly! I'm very excited for you. It sounds like you're a great candidate for the breast reduction. The tummy tuck shouldn't take off a lot of weight, as it's more of a body contouring procedure, but hopefully will help you feel better about your body.

I strongly encourage you to start a review in our wonderful Mommy Makeover review community. You can update  your story as you go and even add photos and video if you want. You'll also likely get the most support and comments over there.

Let me know if you need any help doing this.

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