Does anyone know about this new tattoo removal technology ???

  • JT_real
  • 2 years ago


please take a look... what do You think, it is realy new technology ???  

Does anybody have experience with it  

I´d like to share with everything what I found about that company and interesting thing is: (Hawk's investors include former Mirabilis founders, including Yair Goldfinger. They sold the ICQ company to AOL for $407 million.)  

Thank you a lot  

Jan T

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Hi Jan!


I checked it out and it's not in the USA now.  We'd have to fly to another country to be treated.  Thanks for sharing- I'm going to keep my eye on the company.



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"The device uses a combined mechanical and chemical mechanism to remove tattoos. A series of needles inject into the tattooed skin the chemical solution, which dissolves the tattoo ink."-according to them. I would not touch this with a barge pole until they produce good clinical evidence. I also not that they do not make any claims of 'scar-free' - I would be very surprised if they could achieve that!
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Hi :) thx for your comment, I read about that compeny and everything is approved by: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) I found this (i was translated from italy language): It is available in a few weeks the new technology TES for tattoo removal. Skin Laser Clinic has always been very attentive to new technologies and solutions. Through the collaboration with Israeli researchers establishing a new era in tattoo removal. The most common technology is the laser solution, but was born TES (Tattoo Eraser System), an innovative technology that allows in 90% of cases the removal of the tattoo in one sitting. I think, it´s not looks bad. For me it´s better and clever rejuvi, and the procedure is same like tattoo, and of course, if somebody has got problem with scar, it could be problem. I read that "basic" particles is Aspirin :) Maybe one day we will see that laser it´s not the best solution but it will be natural Leech (animal) who will be eating the Ink :D Thx Jan
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I can't say that I know anything about those particular systems, but I thought this Q&A might be helpful to you in trying to find a good way to remove your tattoo:

Best Tattoo Removal

Hopefully some other community members who have experience with the systems you have posted will be able to share their thoughts with you on them.

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