I am new on this site looking foa a BBL and lipo in February 2014, Are you fully unconscious or awake?

  • DCCabralCutie
  • Washington, DC
  • 11 months ago

 Hi Everyone !!!.... I would LOVE ur input on  the surgery part of how you were put to sleep, or were u awake? Does the blue pill knock you out? I really don't want to be awake at all? Do each Dr. have different ways to choose from? Please  any input is helpful! Thanx.

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Hi girl- Im going in for lipo after my Aug 2013 TT and Im going for the great drugs- versed/propofol route. I love these drugs vs general. You won't remember a thing and IF you're in pain they will just whack you out. My PS gave me a choice on how to handle the anesthesia, and Im choosing the drugs. It is more difficult and $$ to do general. Speak to your PS and let him explain how it'll go with the drugs. Google the drugs I listed too. Keep me posted. Going 2/4, at least Im booked for that date. Happy Christmas. Vicki