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I am new to site, excited, nervous,preop tomorrow, surgery next day but....

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Ok, so I am one a lucky few I am in the military and get to have this done in the military hospital (excellent price) but I am going through other stressors and am unsure if I should keep my scheduled date or reschedule? My little one just turned one the 25th then my oldest turned ten on the 26th. Little one has Roseola right now and oldest has Asperger's and ADHD (for a while now). My middle child is the only doing great right now lol. I am worried to leave my husband to deal with all this AND me.I have a sore throat and a slight cough but no fever(all from caring for the baby). I am in charge of alot of things at work and worried they will not be taken care of. There are other things going on but nothing I need to mention, I'm just stressed. What do y'all think? Sorry to ramble, but I just have so much on my mind. Oh yeah, did I mention I am moving in three months to Georgia? LOL I plan on taking pics and uploading soon so Y'all can keep up with my progress. I have had three Csections, am 5'0" and weigh 139lbs. Pics of flabby belly soon to come lol. Thank y'all for listening, commenting and helping :)

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I think a lot of the stress is just from the buildup to the surgery. Don't worry, if you can look after all that stuff, then your hubby can too. If he can't, then it's damn well time he learned.

Do it now, and then rest, rest, rest. When you move, you'll have loads of stuff to do. If you don't have the surgery now, you'll have to wait til after. You need a good, long time to fully recover, even IF you are able to gradually do more after a few weeks.
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Welcome! Good luck with your preop visit and surgery tomorrow!
I say have the surgery, do it for yourself, I have an ADHer at home as well.
Everything will fall into place, take care of you now...the world won't end. Good Luck!
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Don't worry. You will be fine. I had so much anxiety before my TT and lipo on 3/4. I think you expect more pain, but that is not what I had. However, PLEASE take it easy your first few weeks as you are healing.
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