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Hi new here and a month out

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I have large amount of swelling lower abdo above suture line quite hard almost feels like im pregnant when i go to sit down.  Also laughing, OMG major muscle pain, does anyone think I could pull them apart by laughing etc.  I had no choice to go back to work 3 weeks post, I am a nurse and on my feet 12 hrs a day.  Because I havn't told anyone I have said I have a bad back so can do no lifting etc. Just would like to know if i'm normal or anyone else at my stage?? also the compression garment is driving me crazy but actually feel better if I wear it, more together.

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Wow nz- Thailand. I know gals who have gone down to mexico - no follow up either. Just listen to ur body & take it easy. Even go to ur regular dr if need to. Happy peaceful healing
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Thankyou Ndn, I was one of those beauty tourists so I got it done in Thailand which was great but there is obviously no checkups and so am flying a bit solo at the moment. Anyway I am sure you are right and it will take a bit longer with working etc, and I was a bit silly on the weekend and was dancing and believe me am suffering for it!! Hope your recovery stays the way it is no swelling YAY :)
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NZ - All I can say is wow you are brave! Well, I seen your update too how has your check ups been? I am almost a month po and been doing more little by little and for fitness I go on walks. I woke up today and swelling for today is almost no exsistant.but it is day by day. Your healing might be prolonged too with the extra activit of working and the swell hell you are going through. I would get a dr's excuse and go on sick leave and rest up - you deserve it! Just because this was elective surgery - it is still surgery. ;)
So I pray for you and hope you start feeling better soon. :)
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ok now nearly 2 months on, still wearing my compression garment do still feel if i dont the swelling will be worse or even veer to one side. still pretty uncomfortable with some movements coughing/laughing and feel i almost have to hold my tummy while doing this. I am still swollen over the suture line sometimes almost like an overhang. Work is a bit easier which is good but I have been going pretty hard at it doing lots of overtime etc as it is winter over here I am dreading it if I get a cold as the cough would probably kill me!!
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I have found that wearing a compression garment like something really thin like under armour helps from the compression garment band helps reduce a lot of the itching, I ended up with a real bad rash from the friction from the tape and the band and couldnt wait to be able to use the compression shirt under the garment. It def has reduced the itch.
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Oh my you are on your feet 12 hours a day at one month post op??  OUCH!

That will definitely increase your swell hell and pain.  You must just drop when you get home. 

All of this is pretty normal for one month post op.  Hang on:)

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