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Hi everyone! Want to introduce myself, my name is Deanna. My tt is scheduled for january 11 and I am getting nervous! I had 2 c/s with the second pregnancy being big twin boys (weighing in at 6lb12oz and 5lb11oz!) and they ripped what little abs I had apart and did quite a number on my stomach, so after 2 years of research and second guessing the surgery, I scheduled it. I feel like it will be completely worth it once all is said and done (and judging from all the reviews on here, I am correct, WOOT!) but I am beginning to get an array of emotions from excited to terrified. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi good luck, I will meet with Dr Xipoleas on 11/26 for a consultation
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Hi!! and is an adive...if you read the reviews from this website PLEASE DON'T compare yourself to nobody from here, understand that you are different than everyone else and that you heal differently, go at your own pace and give your body time to heal slowly, this is a day by day thing is not easy but at the end you will see the results ...REST is the key and listen to your body when you are doing too much STOP otherwise you will really pay the price , follow your PS instructions which are going to be different from everybody from this website ( everery PS has their own way of practice and believes) ...GOOS LUCK!!!
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