New Face, New Attitude!

  • SonomaGirl
  • 2 years ago

  I've been reading the posts on this forum for a few weeks; my story is a little different, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced what I have.  It's been ten weeks since I had facelift-necklift-upper & lower bleph surgery in Bangkok, Thailand.  I'm 64 years old and thanks to my genes, had always looked younger than my age . . . until my face and neck started sagging a couple of years ago.  I'd never been overly concerned with my appearance, always kept a “natural” look, but just didn't want to look old while I still felt young. My surgery went really well, no pain at all; I had excellent care, and healing has been pretty much normal. However, the strangest thing has happened since I've become comfortable with my new face: I actually feel like a teenager! In many ways, I seem to have reverted to being 18 or 19 years old.  I feel light and upbeat and carefree.  I go out dancing, listen to rock music.  I want to try new things.  It's almost as if the surgery triggered some hormone that ignited a spark of youthful energy. People have commented on the difference in my demeanor; some don't know that I had the surgery.  I've also become a bit flirtatious at times, and now find myself attracted to much younger men! (I am single!)   It's taken a while for everything (face, neck, eyes) to adjust and settle, which is normal.  During the first month after my surgery, I would examine my new face constantly, and be hyper-critical.  Some areas, especially near my ears and under my chin, were numb; however, this subsided a little bit every day.  Now I've learned to just detach myself, stop judging, and actually enjoy watching and feeling the subtle changes day by day.