new belly button

  • 2 years ago

The PS I spoke with stated he creates new belly buttons for a more tighter and flatter tummy verses using your own....ladies which have you choose to do? Get a new belly button or keep the one you have?

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I have my original belly button. That was one item I discussed in detail including placement, sizes etc, because it is a very important marker and detail in the final aesthetic. I've seen some wonderful original belly buttons were the stitches are hidden very well. My latest post shows a very swollen belly button but in just a couple of days in my cg it looks even more natural and you would be hard press to see the scar.

Go for a natural looking result in any case and you will be pleased.
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There was no choice really.
asthe doctor said he needed to cut off all the old skin, belly bullon hole included.

what i am a bit concerned about is that at the moment the belly button is scabbed up. but it seems very small.
are you not spose to stretch it somehow?
i have heard something along the line of incerting a marble there for a couple of hours.
When are you spose to start that? i would even get a marble in there atm.
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btw you look great!!!
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I wish I would have kept my own!!!!
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I have a brand new one and love it, I don't know what kind of procedure I would say he used to do my new BB but if you look at my pics I never had any outer stitches like everyone else...and so I didn't have to worry about the healing of it....
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